Student Vivisectors


Operation Summery

Its at Uni that biomedical and science students pick their career paths. Some of them are directed down the road of animal experimentation. Those that choose to use animals in their studies at university become the vivisectionists of the future. Without these people vivisection would die out. Therefore we need to direct these students towards more useful and ethical projects!

We are offering cash incentives for information on student vivisectionists. This can be used for covert monitoring of their experiments (ie. undercover work) or naming and shaming student animal abusers. It can also be used to politely contact them about alternatives. Students should be made aware of the level of controversy surrounding animal experiments and given a taste of the peaceful protests and public pressure they are going to experience for the rest of their lives should they pick animal abuse as a career.

If you are a student with information see our Students page.
If you are an activist wanting to put up posters in your University town see our Activists page.
If you are a student vivisector see our Dear Student Vivisector page.

Why Name and Shame?

Those that abuse animals for a living don’t want others to know what they do, many are too ashamed to even tell their children how they make their blood money. We do not believe they should be given the cover of anonymity. We believe social pressure from their peers is the best way to get them to reconsider that career choice. When we name and shame animal abusers we never reveal their personal contact details, this is because we believe that social pressure rather than violent force is all that is required to get the job done. NOAV asks that our supporters act within the law.