• To respond to veterinary emergency needs for urgent animal rescue, relief, care, humane assistance and disease crisis management
  • To provide community-based guidance, mentorship and veterinary first aid on voluntary basis, in a nongovernmental (NGO) capacity.
  • To develop awareness, knowledge, value clarification and responsibility toward the well-being of animals.

NOAV International*, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, will function as a US registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity, and will act as the developmental arm of NOAV International. The Boston-based office will work to raise funds through partnerships with corporate sponsors, private donors, and public charity fundraising and is also committed to animal education within society and community awareness of basic values of respect, humane treatment, and understanding of animal care and community responsibility towards domestic, wild and farm animals.

NOAV International USA's primary mandate beyond directing the organization's development is to partner with American Veterinary Schools of Medicine, The American Veterinary Association, and like organizations, to facilitate student internships to disaster areas, organize volunteer rotations of practicing veterinarians and specialists to create a seamless program of trained doctors and in-training vet interns to rotate in short term global assignments. Included in the relief operations mission will be the management or the construction of animal field hospitals, animal medical supplies, food, cages, vaccination facilities, neutering clinics and education programs for the local population regarding animal control, care, and rehabilitation of domestic farm animals and pets.

NOAV International, ISRAEL located at "The House of Veterinary Doctors" in Macabim, Israel is our Central Animal Hospital Site for launching all international missions. This site will be chartered to receive and disseminate all cargo, medicines and veterinarian disaster relief aid as well as act as EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTRAL: the primary communications headquarters for disaster organization and emergency dissemination and volunteer relief for all worldwide efforts.

*Currently in the process of filing for IRS tax exempt certification.