To complete NOAV International's medical inventory and logistical requirements to meets the needs of the Sri Lanka Tsunami Vet Relief Project, we are issuing an URGENT appeal to all aid and relief organizations, philanthropic institutions and individuals. NOAV is urgently seeking additional equipment and further sources of funding to complete this mission. NOAV needs to raise $75,000 to cover the following expenses:
  1. Funds to cover the costs of additional medical equipment (portable x-ray machines etc.)
  2. Funds to cover round-trip travel and living expenses for rotating Vets and Volunteers from home base to Sri Lanka.
  3. Funds to move the cargo from Bangkok to Sri Lanka.
  4. Volunteer Veterinarians to rotate in one to two month sessions on location.
  5. Veterinarian Medical Schools Internships, volunteer students, vet techs, and volunteers with interests in animal welfare and care to partner with this effort.
  6. Interns or Volunteers to assist with the nonprofit NOAV International fundraising effort in the USA.
  7. Frequent Flyer Miles donations to NOAV International Flight Bank.
  8. Volunteer Veterinarians with international experience in tropical and emergency medicine in voluntary advisory or on site capacity.
  9. Volunteer Disaster Relief Specialists, Project Managers, Communications Specialists, Fundraisers, Development Officers, Vet School Liaison Volunteers, Volunteer Operations Coordinator/Manager in Israel and the US/BOSTON.
  10. Immediate and urgent donation of 6 roundtrip economy plane tickets. from Amman, Jordan to Sri Lanka (direct flights) on Royal Jordanian Airlines.
The Sri Lankan Mission Project target operations start date is June 2005. We need your help!


Deborah van Rooyen
NOAV International, USA
10 Tabor Place
Brookline, MA 02445
Tel: 617-232-2715

Dr. Eytan Kreiner
NOAV International, ISRAEL
Tel: 972-(0)8-926-4554

Please make all checks payable to Noav International, 10 Tabor Place, Brookline, MA 02445 USA

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