NOAV International is dedicated to providing global voluntary veterinary assistance, aid and relief to distressed animals in war or natural disaster-afflicted regions. Our charter is to respond to veterinary emergency needs for urgent animal rescue, relief, care, humane assistance and disease crisis management and education in a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization capacity.

Such projects are:
  • Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster Relief Rabies

    NOAV in association with the Ministry of Health and the Veterinary Services of the State of Sri Lanka are initiating a program to address the immediate outburst of Human Rabies due to the conditions following the Tsunami disaster and to assist them implementing a long term nation wide modernization program to eradicate the disease.

    NOAV will send initially manpower and relevant equipment to support 2-4 existing clinics that will eventually become regional clinics with specialization in combating Rabies. These clinics will perform mass vaccination, sterilization and castration using modern methods. The project phases as we see them today are:
    • Coordination with local authorities in Sri Lanka regarding the final locations for deployment and coordination of the procedures (In Progress)
    • Finalization of collection of donated equipment (In Progress)
    • Dispatch of equipment and Personnel
    • Setting up of a local base and finalization of logistical support
    • Final planning of Personnel rotation
    • Continuous support by the parent organization NOAV, and continuation of provision of medicines

    Expected budget for the project: $75,000.

    Download Sri Lanka Project (Word doc).