A sustainable environment depends on the ability of the future generation to continue the job. NOAV International is committed to creating a network of youth volunteers to continue our mission.

This initiative includes the following programs:
  • N.E.M.A.L.A - Hebrew acronym for "Youth volunteers for animals" - NEMALA is a nationwide, Israeli volunteer program. High school students are trained to develop the skills of animal care, to identify community needs as well as develop resources to meet them, including mentorship of younger children. This, while developing values of shared responsibility, volunteerism, teamwork and the importance of community. Each youth group will include a division of 20-25 youth volunteers. The expected budget per group of volunteers is $12,000 annually.

  • Chai (LIFE) - This program, currently implemented in the area of the city of Modi'in, is built to raise awareness and treatment of neglected animals in the area. These animals receive medical treatment and are cared for until a suitable home is found for them. Children and youth from the area volunteer to care for these animals as long as necessary.