(United Vets of the Middle East to include Israel, Palestine, Egypt, and Jordan)

Stemming from the vision that mutual, regional goals can only be met successfully by regional dialogue and cooperation, NOAV international has set forth to promote understanding in the Middle East through the area we all share and cherish: our wildlife.

This initiative includes the following programs:
  • Regional Wildlife Hospital - Planned to include a medical center for care of wild animals, a regional research and information center and wildlife preservation projects lead by regional veterinarians and volunteers. The Hospital will be located at the crossroads of Israel, in the Modi'in area. This location was chosen as Modi'in is situated between Israel's Mediterranean coast and the hills of Jerusalem. The main highways, trains and the airport are all in close proximity. The Regional Wildlife Hospital will not only serve the wildlife of Israel, but also neighboring countries, such as Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and war zones of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other distressed countries.

  • Israeli-Palestinian Veterinary Hospital - Located on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, this hospital will include full veterinary services, as well as educational activities to promote the proper care of pets, domestic animals, immunization programs, care for abandoned animals, consultation to farmers and more.